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Welcome To Everybitfit!

At EveryBitFit, we embody a set of core values that sets us apart.

We have redefined the fitness experience by offering a unique approach that prioritizes individual needs, exceptional service, and remarkable results. With us, you won't find memberships or month-to-month commitments because we believe in a community of individuals who choose to be here, motivated by their desire for self-improvement.

About Us

Our fundamental principle revolves around providing a comfortable environment where everyone feels welcome. Unlike the impersonal atmosphere of big box gyms, EveryBitFit is a private studio designed to cater to individuals who are starting their fitness journey or prefer a more intimate setting. While we certainly serve clients at all fitness levels, our primary focus is on empowering those who want to make a positive change in their lives.

Serving Arizona
Since 2013

EveryBitFit was founded in 2013, driven by the vision of our founder, Zach. His personal fitness journey, rooted in sports and a drive to transform his own physique, led him to establish a space where others could achieve their goals. His passion for fitness and belief in hard work rather than quick fixes fuel the foundation of our training philosophy.

To our potential clients, we want you to know that your goals are not only achievable but within your reach. At EveryBitFit, we don't believe in magic, but rather the power of hard work. We firmly believe that everyone can become whoever they aspire to be. We are here to guide you along the correct path, ensuring you reach your destination efficiently without pushing you to the point of exhaustion.

Every Bit Fit
about us


Arizona Fitness Studio

What sets EveryBitFit apart from other trainers and gyms? It's simple. Unlike the traditional fitness experience that involves signing up for lengthy contracts, encountering high turnover, and participating in cookie-cutter programs, we offer something different. We prioritize your needs, tailoring our programs specifically to you. Our team of dedicated trainers is committed to delivering personalized guidance, ensuring you not only achieve the desired results but also enjoy the journey.

We understand that individuality matters, and that's why we steer away from one-size-fits-all approaches like CrossFit or group training. Instead, we create customized programs that address your unique requirements, preferences, and fitness level. With EveryBitFit, you can rest assured that your journey is designed to suit you, providing an experience that surpasses your expectations.

Welcome to EveryBitFit, where we celebrate the transformative power of hard work, dedication, and personalized training. Join us as we embark on a fitness journey that goes beyond generic routines and cookie-cutter solutions. Your success is our mission, and together, we can redefine what it means to achieve your fitness goals.


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