What Does a Personal Trainer Do?

Personal trainers are experts who work with you to help you reach your fitness goals. They work with you to develop a plan to get you where you want to be. Personal trainers complete the following tasks to help you reach your goal:

  • Design a plan for your fitness goals
  • Help you stay motivated
  • Coach proper form and technique
  • Pathway to train for a specific sport or event

Benefits of Working with a PT

There are many benefits to working with a personal trainer, many of which depend on what type of trainer you’re looking for.

Great personal trainers specialize in particular areas of fitness. Some are more experienced at helping clients lose weight while others might be more adept at weight training. One of the benefits of working with a PT is the expertise and know-how to accomplish your fitness goals.

Personal trainers can help you learn what exercises you need to reach your goals and how to do them safely. They’ll take your goals and past injuries into account to design a fitness plan fit for you.

Personal trainers can help with a variety of fitness needs. Some of these include:

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  • Building strength
  • Losing weight
  • Strength training
  • Increase flexibility
  • And more

How to Prepare for Your First Session With a Personal Trainer

Your first session with a personal trainer is about figuring out how you and your trainer can work together to accomplish your fitness goals. Expect to be asked questions about your goals, current fitness state, habits, and more.

To prepare for this first session, you should have a well-formed idea of what it is you hope to accomplish from working with a personal trainer. It’s also important to stay open and honest about your limitations and past injuries.

What to Expect from a Personal Trainer on Your First Session

Filling Out Forms

There’s a lot of information your trainer will need to know, so there may be a lot of forms and questions in your first season.

Measuring Your Body Weight and Body Fat Levels

Your trainer will need an idea of what level you’re starting with. Most trainers will measure your body weight and body fat levels during the first session to get that starting point.

Assessing Your Goals

Working with a personal trainer is about getting you where you want to be. To do that, they’ll need to know why you want to work with a personal trainer. Whether you’re training for a marathon or looking to increase your flexibility, be ready to explain what you want to accomplish by working with a trainer.

Initial Physical Assessments

Part of developing a fitness plan involves knowing what fitness level you’re currently at. Some initial physical assessments will help your trainer develop a fitness plan personalized to your level.

Sample Workout

Your first session is an important part of determining if you and the trainer work well together. During this session, the trainer will likely have you do a sample workout to see if you’re a good fit. Take this time to evaluate how they motivate you and meet your needs for a trainer.

Making Future Plans

If you think you’ve found the right trainer, you’re ready to make plans to continue working together. You and your trainer will determine how frequently to meet to reach your goals.

Why Should I Hire a Personal Trainer?

There are many reasons to hire a personal trainer. Personal trainers create a program to get you to the fitness level you want and hold you accountable to your exercise program. PTs are investments in your health and well-being.

Good personal trainers have proven track records for helping clients reach their fitness potential. If you’re unsure where to start to hit your goals or if your current fitness regimen isn’t working, it may be time to consider a personal trainer.

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